How Can One Inquire About PhilHealth Contributions?

To inquire about PhilHealth contributions, seek consultation from the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, explains its official website. The organization is headquartered in Pasig City but also has numerous regional offices throughout the Philippine Islands.

The Philippine Health Insurance Organization releases memorandums each year related to health insurance programs. These documents explain, in detail, the changes related to monthly premiums, salary bases, employee shares and employer shares. A person can find this detailed information, along with explanations of the yearly changes, on a PhilHealth premium contribution table, notes Fehl Dungo for PhilPad.

A person can also find out additional information and submit inquiries through the official Philippine Health Insurance Corporation website. This site contains a number of features and includes the form to electronically register online. In addition, a user can gain access to his membership status at any given time. Employers can also utilize the website to post employee payments, facilitate registration, track employee status, manage billing and query organized groups, according to PhilHealth. A person looking to inquire about PhilHealth contributions could also reach out to one of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation's business partners. These partners include health care providers, employers, collection agencies, other corporations and information technology specialists.