What Can One Expect at an Executive Team Leader Interview at Target?


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An interview as an executive team leader for Target is likely to include questions regarding supervisory experience, conflict resolution and customer relations. According to Brigham Young University's Human Resource Services, common questions include scenarios with customer interactions, ethical questions with employees, best practices for employee motivational techniques and the ability to maintain corporate quality standards. At the end of the interview, there is generally time to ask the interviewer questions.

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The interview for an executive team leader occurs one-on-one with a human resources representative or store manager. The interviewer references a specific list of questions related to skills an executive team leader must exemplify. Interviewers record the responses to each question to refer back to after the interview is complete. Prepare for the interview by considering common questions regarding supervisors in a retail environment. Ethical concerns regarding employee theft and the proper protocol for the dismissal of employees is a common retail problem that many interviewers discuss. Preparing answers ahead of time for common questions and previous examples of supervising employees or volunteers aids in the interview.

Questions regarding former bosses provide a chance to describe the leadership lessons of former employers. It is best not to mention former employers negatively, and instead simply focus on turning deficits into lessons applicable for the new job.

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