How Can One Access Daily Stock Closing Prices?


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Yahoo! Finance publishes daily stock closing prices by ticker symbol on its website, as does Investopedia. Yahoo! Finance also displays a stock's price range for the day and year and trade volume. Both websites display graphs of individual stock price history and include the exchange on which they are traded. Yahoo! defaults to displaying the most recent day's price range for a stock while Investopedia displays a year of price data. CNN Money summarizes market closes in the aggregate.

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On Yahoo! Finance's individual page for each stock, the closing price is displayed alongside the price in after hours trading with the time of update and the percentage and price increase over closing price. Yahoo! and Investopedia's summaries for stocks each include the market capitalization for the traded companies, price to earning ratio and earnings per share.

In addition to stock price data, Yahoo! Finance includes a list of recent investment news items and comparisons to industry competitor stocks. Investopedia's stock pages include recent trades by people employed by the traded company.

CNN Money summarizes the trading day with Dow, Nasdaq and S&P most recent prices, though it does not specify if prices are at close or in after hours closing. CNN's website also summarizes the biggest gainers by price and biggest gainers and losers by percentage for the day. In addition to stock prices, CNN summarizes currency prices and the closing numbers for world markets alongside U.S. markets.

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