Where Can You Take a Free Office Skills Assessment?

Some online resources for taking a free office skills assessment test include Isograd.com, MS-IQ.com, Skills-Assessment.net, ProProfs.com and PSC-CFP.gc.ca. Isograd.com provides online demonstration tests, which are brief exams that indicate a user's potential TOSA skills assessment score. The TOSA standard includes proficiency in applications such as Microsoft Office's Excel, Word and Powerpoint as well as some programming languages.

Isograd.com offers separate tests in Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook; it also provides tests for the programming languages PHP 5, Java, C# and HTML 5. The Excel test covers topics such as the software environment, functions, data management and formatting. The Word test includes questions on software environment, page layout and formatting, editing tools, and graphic functions. The Outlook test covers mail, contact, task and calendar management, while the PowerPoint exam tests expertise in themes, templates, object management and text management. The programming exams include questions on language, functions and applications.

MS-IQ.com enables users to determine what Microsoft computer training levels they have attained. The brief test also allows users to see where they stand compared to other test takers. Its skills tests include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, as well as Excel macros and Access VBA in Microsoft Visual Basic. The tests are multiple choice style and have no time limit; they do not require test takers to input personal information.

Skills-Assessment.net offers free skills assessments in Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. It also tests users in SQL skills and general computing skills, including databases and general programming. The site has an option for users to create their own tests. It allows organizations to create tests for their employees to evaluate overall performance.