Where Can You Obtain a Prepaid Visa Card?

Prepaid Visa debit cards can be purchased online at Visa's website, from a third party retailer, or at a bank that provides prepaid visa cards. Visa prepaid cards are also available from authorized prepaid debit card companies such as Netspend, which offers a branded card.

Buying a prepaid Visa card is easy when shopping at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Vons, but prepaid debit cards, whether purchased online or at a store, are not immediately ready for use. Typically, online applications require submission of a personal information, including name, address and email address, while store bought cards must be activated by calling a designated phone number and following instructions.

Individuals seeking to purchase a prepaid Visa card should take time to compare various card offers, before choosing one. There are numerous prepaid card choices, and each one comes with a fee structure that costs the user additional money. Fees for prepaid Visa cards may be on par with, or lower than, traditional checking account fees. Comparing fee rates is the only way to decide if a prepaid card is a better deal than a regular bank issued Visa debit card. In cases where an individual is unable to open a bank account, a prepaid Visa card can be used in the same way as any debit card.