How Can You Obtain a List of Local Honda Generator Dealers?


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You can obtain a list of local Honda generator dealers by going to PowerEquipment.Honda.com, clicking on the "Find a Dealer" button, selecting "generator" as the product type, and entering your location. The tool also allows you to specify whether you need sales, service, rental or special financing. The results appear on a map and include information about all nearby dealers.

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Honda generators are generally available at specialty power equipment sales or rental stores. Many of these dealers also sell lawn mowers, water pumps, snow blowers, tillers and brush cutters. Honda no longer sells lawn tractors and riding mowers in the United States, but they may still be serviced at authorized dealers. Selling equipment through authorized retailers and not big-box stores allows Honda to provide their customers with post-sales service and better advice and safety training when buying.

Honda generators are available in models as small as 1,000 watts, which are light, quiet and mostly intended for light use when away from a power source. Mid-sized models are ideal to provide backup power when needed. The largest portable generators can provide up to 10,000 watts of power and are often used in the construction industry. PopularMechanics.com recommends one of Honda's small generators for home emergency use.

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