Where Can You Obtain an Illinois State Tax Form?

Where Can You Obtain an Illinois State Tax Form?

Illinois tax forms are available from any Internal Revenue Service office, the post office and most public libraries throughout the state, and can be downloaded from the Illinois state Website. Tax forms are also available from tax preparation offices. State tax forms are available for individuals, businesses, tax professionals or local governments.

State tax forms can be obtained in many ways. While forms are available online, they can also be found in most libraries, post offices and companies that offer tax preparation services throughout Illinois.

In most states, including Illinois, not everyone has to file a tax return. Filing taxes is determined by the amount of income and the source of the income earned. It is also determined by the age and filing status of the individual. Status is determined by whether the person is married or single, filing jointly or a "Head of Household" determination.

If a person falls into more than one category, they may choose the one that allows them to pay the lowest tax.

Single filing status generally applies to those who are not married, divorced or legally separated, according to state law.

Married or filing a joint return offers married couples the option of filing a tax return together. If a spouse dies during the tax filing year, the surviving spouse can still file a joint return for that tax year.

The "Head of Household" category applies to those who are not married but have paid for more than half the cost of maintaining a home and at least half the cost of a dependent.