How Can You Obtain a Free House History Report?


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Obtain a free house history report by entering the full address at a website that specializes in such reports, such as HomeTrackr. Such reports provide data specific to the property regarding building permits, inspections by the city or county, damage alerts, contractor agreements, value, current square footage and last date sold, according to HomeTrackr. The site collects the information from a variety of sources, making it easier for potential buyers to review it.

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Among one of the important categories of information gathered from such sources is a history of reported damage, explains HomeTrackr. Such damage can be from fire, water or pests, such as termites, which may unnoticeably compromise the structure of a home. The history of building permits uncovers information about the nature and extent of work done during renovations or expansions. Permits may also reveal the quality of work through details such as materials used. A listing of contractors involved in construction jobs points to the type of craftsmanship and quality of work.

A house history report should not be considered a replacement for a traditional home inspection that most buyers execute by hiring an inspector, reports HomeTrackr. While the house history report provides extensive data about the house's past, the inspection examines the condition of the property as it is in the present.

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