Where Can You Find NPI Applications Online?


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The United States Department of Health and Human Services website has an online National Provider Identifier application form accessible by anyone who can gain access to and use a computer for a handful of minutes. The form can be completed online as long as the applicant has access to all of their personal information including details like address, Social Security number and other pieces of information.

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Applicants are provided with a list of information, differing between single providers and organizations, which they must have before proceeding with the application process. This information is clearly spelled out and a help number is provided for those who need assistance understanding or finding such information.

The user is then asked to read and certify statements about the uses of the document and the parties who will be privy to information contained within the application form. This entails simply reading the relevant passages and then confirming or declining to confirm consent to said information.

The site next provides a link to begin the application process online. So long as confirmation is rendered and the applicant is in possession of all relevant information, the application process is relatively simple and largely consists of rendering basic information and facts for consideration by the government's processing authorities and offices.

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