Can a New Driver Go on Another Person's Car Insurance?


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It is routine to add a new driver to another person's existing car insurance. Usually this can be done by contacting the insurance company by phone, and some insurers allow the change to be made online. Insurance rates are likely to rise when a new driver is added to the policy.

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Because new drivers lack experience, they are involved in more crashes, so insurers usually compensate by charging higher premiums for new drivers added to an existing policy. Despite this, it is often less costly to add a new driver to someone else's existing auto insurance policy than for the new driver to obtain her own policy.

Keep premiums as low as possible by having the new driver use the least expensive car listed on the policy. Ideally, the new driver uses an older car with a good safety record. Insurers may provide discounts for new drivers who have taken a driver education course and achieve good grades in school. New drivers who limit the number of miles they drive may also be granted lower rates. When adding a new driver to an existing auto policy, it is best to obtain quotes from a number of insurers as well as from the current insurer to find the best coverage at the lowest rates.

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