How Can You Find Your Nearest Target Department Store?


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To locate the nearest Target store, use the store locator tool provided on Target's website. Locate the nearest store by entering a ZIP code, a city and state or by manually searching a complete list of stores in a selected state.

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Since not all Target stores offer customers all the exact same departments and services, search filters are used during Store Locator searches to ensure the search results display the nearest location that offers specific departments or services. For example, users who want to find the closest Target store that offers a photo studio should check the box next to Photo Studio in the list of filters or keywords. Other filters or keywords included on the list are Pharmacy, Grocery, Baby Advisor and Apple Store.

In addition to the nearest store, other local stores are listed in the search results. They are listed starting with the closest store and ending with the store that is the furthest away from the starting point specified. Users are given the option to click Make This My Store from the search results list. Once the user has done so, future visits to the website can provide the user with store specific information such as current sales and promotions.

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