How Can You Find a Nearby Cash for Gold Location?

How Can You Find a Nearby Cash for Gold Location? and allows you to find cash for gold store locations in your local area. The websites provide a store finder search engine where you enter your city or ZIP code. A list should then appear featuring various cash for gold stores, with the address and phone number for each store. A map of your local area is also shown to give a better understanding of where each store is located.

As of 2015, cash for gold stores are also available online for customers to sell gold by mail. provides customers with a free secure pack, which features a sealable plastic bag and a postage-paid envelope. Once the company receives the gold it conducts three testing methods to check its value. Customers have the option of accepting the company’s payment offer or request the gold sent back. and the Better Business Bureau advise consumers to research the value of a gold item before selling it. While selling gold might a convenient way to earn extra cash, consumers might not always get the best value. Some tips to consider before selling gold is to understand karats and visit different store locations. As of 2015, all cash for gold store are required by law to ask for the seller’s government-issued identification. Consumers are asked to take caution if the store doesn’t comply with these rules.