Can You Find MSDS Sheets Online?

You can access material safety data sheets online for free through the Environment, Health and Safety Online website, which links directly to manufacturer databases. To find a specific MSDS, select the manufacturer, and then type the name or product number of the material in the database search box.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires manufacturers and importers of a hazardous material to create an MSDS sheet that provides information such as the properties of the chemical, its safe handling and storage, and what first aid measures to implement in case of an accident. MSDS sheets help create a safer workplace environment, explains OSHA.

Hazard,, Iowa State University’s Department of Chemistry, and Sigma-Aldrich also have free MSDS sheets available online, as of 2015. Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated and Oklahoma State University Environmental Health and Safety have websites that list free and paid online resources for MSDS data sheets.

Hazard lets website visitors search using the product code number, manufacturer or product name. keeps PDF versions of data sheets for free download and printing. There is an optional registration to save the sheets on the website. Iowa State University’s Department of Chemistry keeps MSDS sheets that are common for use in academic laboratories. Sigma-Aldrich organizes MSDS sheets by product number and additional safety data.