How Can You Move a Mobile Home From One Location to Another for Free?

There is no way to legally move a mobile home without some cost. Even if a moving company offered to move a mobile home for free, the state Department of Transportation must permit and often inspect the movement of any mobile home because of its size. For movement through multiple states, each state must issue a permit. In addition, there are almost always preparation, maintenance and repair costs associated with moving a mobile home. explains that moving a mobile home over a short distance generally costs between $1,000 and $5,000, while longer moves can cost $15,000 or more as of 2015. The website suggests that moving costs are approximately $5 to $10 per mile in addition to permitting costs and minimum moving fees.

Moving a mobile home is not a simple process. It is important to hire an experienced moving service. Look for a moving crew with insurance and specially designed transportation equipment to handle the load of a mobile home.

Check with the Department of Transportation in each state where the mobile home will travel. Consider the age of the home, whether it is fit to move and whether it needs repairs. Check with the mobile home park owners at the initial location and final destination to make sure all moving rules are followed. For a larger mobile home, it may be necessary to split the house into sections.

Also, consider that it may be cheaper to sell a mobile home and purchase a different one in the new location than it is to move one. The United States Census offers extensive data on the average price of a new mobile home in each state.