How Can You Get Money As a Kid?


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A kid can earn money by seeking employment in the retail industry, such as in grocery stores, or offering babysitting services. Additional opportunities to earn money include working as a lifeguard at water amusement parks or public pools, if a kid is 15 or older, and working as a tutor.

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To be able to work as a lifeguard, a kid has to meet the requirements determined by the workplace and have an American Red Cross Lifeguard certification. To increase the chances of being hired as a babysitter, a kid should look into joining a local referral service, completing babysitting classes and receiving a first aid certification.

Businesses that require light manual labor, such as errands, delivery work or loading objects at a warehouse, serve as an alternative way to earn money for kids who are physically fit for such jobs. The responsibilities of kids working in food and kitchen services typically includes light work, such as washing dishes, reheating food, cleaning fruits and vegetables and stocking items.

Another money-making venue worth exploring as a kid is engaging in intellectual work, such as teaching, creative arts and computer programming. Parents are typically looking for skilled teenage instructors who don’t charge as much as professionals, which provides talented kids with an opportunity to offer teaching a specialized skill, such as dancing or playing an instrument, to the children of such parents.

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