How Can You Get More Money in "GTA: IV"?


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Players primarily make money in "Grand Theft Auto IV" by completing the game's core missions and particular side missions. In addition, players earn more money by doing certain activities, such as robbing stores, hijacking armored cars and killing citizens that drop random amounts of money.

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Missions that continue the storyline in "Grand Theft Auto IV" require players to perform specific tasks, the completion of which rewards different amounts of money. Some side quests or missions are also sources of income. For example, players can approach in-game characters Brucie Kibbutz and Stevie for car theft missions. The money earned from these missions vary according to the model and condition of the stolen vehicles. Another side-quest that rewards money is the series of assassination contracts from The Fixer.

Once players complete all requests of Stevie to collect a total of 30 specific vehicles, they can earn more money by delivering more vehicles. Bringing in SuperGT and Turismo cars reward the highest amount possible at $11,000 each. These cars randomly spawn in the game, though some specific locations are guaranteed to possess these cars. Alternatively, players can use cheat codes to make cars appear automatically. For example, a SuperGT spawns when the player enters "2275550168" in the number pad of his character's cellphone.

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