Can You Get Money for Aluminum Can Pull Tabs?

can-money-aluminum-can-pull-tabs Credit: frankieleon/CC-BY 2.0

Yes, you can get money in exchange for aluminum can pull tabs. The tabs are made from an aluminum alloy and can be exchanged at a recycling center for their worth in metals, according to

Aluminum can pull tabs are no more valuable than aluminum cans, but collecting pull tabs is easier and cleaner than cans. Scrap metal dealers set prices for recycled aluminum, and prices vary depending on dealer and location. Contact local scrap metal dealers to find out the current rate being paid for recycled aluminum. Aluminum can tabs can be collected in containers such as plastic bags, bins or boxes. Keep in mind that it takes thousands of aluminum can tabs to achieve one pound of aluminum scrap metal.

The amount received for recycling scrap aluminum is $1980 per ton. You would need 100 pull tabs to earn 3 1/2 cents. Rumors persist that the aluminum can pull tabs can be exchanged for medical services and items such as dialysis sessions, chemotherapy, and wheelchairs. In truth, pull tabs are accepted as donations by several charities, but those charities recycle the tabs themselves rather than exchange them for any special services.