How Can You Get Money for Aluminum Can Pull Tabs?


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To earn money from aluminum can pull tabs, collect enough tabs to equal one or more pounds, and deliver the tabs to a local recycling center. The recycling center tallies the number of pounds of aluminum delivered and pays consumers a fair price based on the current value of aluminum.

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Aluminum can pull tabs are no more valuable than aluminum cans, but collecting pull tabs is easier and cleaner than cans. Scrap metal dealers set prices for recycled aluminum, and prices vary depending on dealer and location. Contact local scrap metal dealers to find out the current rate being paid for recycled aluminum. Aluminum can tabs can be collected in containers such as plastic bags, bins or boxes. Keep in mind that it takes thousands of aluminum can tabs to achieve one pound of aluminum scrap metal.

Charitable organizations, such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, use aluminum soda can tab collection drives to raise funds. A variety of organizations and businesses also collect tabs to raise money. Volunteers comprised of individuals, civic groups, clubs and schools collect large amounts of soda can tabs and deliver them to a designated location. Tons of tabs are often collected, recycled and turned into dollars for various causes. New can tabs are made from recycled aluminum, and the recycling process is repeated endlessly.

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