Where Can You Find Modular Underground Homes?


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Colfibrex is one of the leading providers of modular underground homes in the United States. Through its Green-House Technology initiative, Colfibrex provides homeowners with fully waterproof, underground living spaces built with modular materials obtained from fibers and resins, according to its website.

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Colfibrex’s Green-House Technology gives homeowners the unique opportunity to live under the protection of nature. The U.S. Library of Congress has registered the system as a new technology in the United States. The technology offers endless design possibilities, fast assembly and safety through its cutting-edge engineering and construction strategies. The natural insulation and stability of the surrounding ground, rocks and trees help in regulating temperatures of the underground spaces throughout the year, with the overall design based on energy conservation. The clean architecture, washable walls, smooth surfaces, and well-lit and airy spaces demonstrate the company's unending desire to provide homeowners with unique living spaces, as Colfibrex claims.

Underground homes protect people from extreme temperatures and the adverse effects of weather. The Green-House Technology offers various coating options that include grass and gardens, desert sand, or snow and even growing racks. Homeowners use the growing racks for food production. Modular underground homes ensure that residents live in naturally green vibrant environments, as stated by Colfibrex.

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