How Can You Get a Mobile Phone If You Have Bad Credit?


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To get a mobile phone and contract with bad credit, put up a security deposit, enroll in a prepaid contract, get a co-signer or become an authorized user in a current account, advises Nerd Wallet. Once an account has been set up, make timely payments to avoid hurting your credit score further.

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A security deposit serves as insurance on your contract to cover any balance that has not been paid at the end of the contract period, explains Nerd Wallet. The service provider may return the deposit within a year if you build a history of timely payments. However, if there are missing or late payments, the provider is likely to hold on to the deposit until you discontinue the service. Prepaid programs allow you to buy service ahead of time for each specific period. If there is no payment, the provider does not grant service. No credit check is necessary to obtain this service.

Using a co-signer ensures that if you cannot make the payments owed, the person who is co-signing assumes responsibilities for the debt, adds Nerd Wallet. Co-signers need to have strong credit ratings for providers to approve this arrangement. Your provider may allow you to add other users to an existing account and give them permission to control it.

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