Where Can You Find MLS Homes for Sale?


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Individuals can find Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, homes for sale on websites such as Realtor.org, MLS.com and Redfin. Zillow is another good resource to use when searching for a home, but some of the listings are not linked to the MLS, notes U.S. News & World Report.

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It is possible to search for MLS homes based on several criteria, including location, price range, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms, according to Realtor.org. House size, property size, property type and the home's age are other search criteria. The listings typically include the property's address, current listing price and other features of the home. MLS listings do not disclose information that would jeopardize the seller's safety or privacy, such as the seller's contact information.

A Multiple Listing Service is a private agreement of cooperation and compensation between a real estate broker listing a home and other real estate brokers, according to Realtor.org. Individuals trying to sell a home benefit from the MLS because it exposes properties to a wide variety of buyers. Buyers also benefit because they are able to see all MLS properties while working with one real estate agent. Although MLS listings are private databases that real estate professionals create and maintain, the public can typically access the information at no cost.

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