How Can You Find a Missing Insurance Policy?

In the event that a person passes on and the life insurance policy goes missing, there are several ways to look for the policy, which include searching through the documents and personal belongings of the deceased, checking with the employee benefits office at the person's previous places of employment and reaching out to the particular insurer. If it has been years since the person has passed, checking with the state's unclaimed property office may also help, suggests

Reaching out to the insurance company is a smart place to start looking for information about a missing policy. However, this is only practical if the insurer that underwrote the deceased's policy is known or is at least suspected to be the insurer. Insurance companies also have certain restrictions when it comes to revealing information about their policyholders, and only immediate relatives are legally entitled to such information.

Searching through a deceased loved one's personal belongings is also good place look for clues about the missing insurance policy. Filed calling cards, telephone numbers and addresses may belong to insurance agents, and bank books and cancelled checks may also have been written to pay the premiums, notes

The former employer benefits office may also yield important information about the deceased's insurance coverage plans. If checking with the office does not prove helpful, the union welfare office may also hold information about a missing insurance policy.