How Can Military Skills Be Converted Into Civilian Skills When Writing a Resume?


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To convert military skills into civilian skills for a resume, begin by considering the actual skills involved in the military position and thinking about them in terms of the workplace. Next, provide examples of the ways the skills were demonstrated, as directed by Real Warriors.

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To convert military skills into marketable civilian skills on a resume, follow the steps below.

  1. Consider the skills
  2. Think about what core skills were most important to carrying out the role. For example, an Army sharpshooter leads small teams under pressure to execute crucial objectives with no room for error. In this case, list the marketable skills as leadership, independent thinking, the ability to conform to deadlines and teamwork.

  3. Consider personal strengths
  4. In addition to specific skills relevant to the military specialization, think about personal strengths that could be useful in the civilian workplace. The Department of Veteran Affairs offers educational and vocational services for free that can help with this.

  5. Provide examples of technical skills
  6. If applicable, such as from military technician or health care specializations, provide specific examples of the exercise of technical skills.

  7. Provide examples of interpersonal skills
  8. Consider good examples of interpersonal skills to include on the resume, such as successfully working with a team comprising a range of personalities and ranks.

  9. Provide examples of leadership skills
  10. Provide examples of leadership experience, mentioning leadership training as well.

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