Where Can You Find Medicare Forms Online?


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As of 2015, users can access Medicare forms from its official U.S. Government website, at Medicare.gov. The website also offers downloadable podcasts, eBooks and publications that contain relevant information for people with Medicare.

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Hover the mouse pointer over the Forms, Help and Resources button on the main navigation menu of the website's home page, and select Medicare Forms from the drop-down menu that appears. Read through the various scenarios that require one to fill out a Medicare form, and click on the one that corresponds to the preferred form. Choose the preferred language option from the paragraph that appears, and click on its download link. The form is either displayed on the browser or downloaded onto the computer's hard drive, depending on your browser settings.

Some forms, including the Patient Request for Medical Payment form, are hosted on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website, at CMS.gov. To download a form, click on its link on the Medicare Forms page, and wait for the browser to redirect to the CMS website. Click on the preferred language option under the Downloads group to view or download the form.

To download informative podcasts, eBooks and other relevant publications, click on Free Medicare Publications under the Forms, Help and Resources drop-down menu. Click on either the Medicare Podcasts, eBooks or Popular Publications button to access the respective download links.

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