Where Can You Get Medical Form Templates?


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A variety of medical form templates are available on the American College of Physicians website. Forms such as health maintenance, summary forms, progress notes and extended history forms are available for download.

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Other forms on the American College of Physicians website include pain questionnaires, depression screening tool kits and vaccination record forms. Common office signs are also available through this website.

The Best Medical Forms website also has a variety of medical office forms to download. Forms available include health assessment forms, emergency contact forms, health care schedules, invoices and job leave medical forms. The forms are broken down by category on the right side of the screen, so users can simply click on the category hyperlink to choose a specific form template.

Another resource for printable medical forms templates is FreePrintableMedicalForms.com. This website provides forms that include medical excuse notes, return-to-work forms, vital signs flow sheets and a health authorization form. By law, a medical practice cannot disclose a patient's health information unless the patient signs an authorization form that allows the practice to disclose the information. The law also requires patients to sign a form acknowledging that the patient has been advised of the medical office's privacy procedure.

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