Where Can a Medical Doctor's Certification Be Found?


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Medical certifications are sometimes located on websites such as the official website of the American Board of Family Medicine, which lists all physicians of a specific type of certification. Doctors tend to keep physical copies of certifications in their offices available for viewing by patients.

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Where Can a Medical Doctor's Certification Be Found?
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Medical doctors list their names with their medical credentials from most to least permanent. A doctor may carry a certification that must be renewed every few years due to changes in the medical practice. For instance, a Doctorate of Philosophy remains valid through the majority of a doctor's career, whereas a certificate in surgery or other fields requires regular renewal. The best way to find this information is by asking the doctor directly to see a physical copy of the certificate.

Certification is sometimes listed on the official website of the hospital where the doctor works or on a personal web page if he has one. Official records about the person may have the most recent title, which can include the doctor's credentials. Some organizations that give certifications have public-access listings that can be searched to find the exact and most recent certifications, while other sites may have information on what a certification means. The American Board of Internal Medicine offers a wide selection of information on many medical credentials.

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