How Can You Take Free Medical Billing Classes?


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Free medical billing classes are available through sites like Ask a Medical Biller, Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Billing and Coding Online. It should be noted that these sites do not certify someone as a medical biller or coder.

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Most employers require full certification and in some cases a college degree. The Ask a Medical Biller website offers a library of videos for users to watch and learn common billing systems with. The introduction to the site discusses how employers want the people they hire to have more experience, which is the main service the site is set up to provide. This means that people with some experience could find some value from the site, but potential students looking for certification may need to find other resources.

The Medical Billing and Coding site clearly states that it is not affiliated with the American Academy of Professional Coders, which regulates medical building and coding certification, and does not conduct the testing or certification. Instead, it offers links to videos with information about the job, how it works and places to find certification or degree programs.

Medical Billing and Coding Online also states that it does not offer full or certified courses. The site helps users learn about the field and teaches them some information, but will not certify anyone. However, it does offer to help prepare students for their certification.

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