What Can You Do With a Math Degree?


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Career options for those with a degree in math include teaching, computer science, actuarial science, operations research, cryptography and biomathematics. In 2014, mathematics was CareerCast's best job based on salary, outlook, work environment and stress.

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Teaching math from kindergarten to 12th grade is an in-demand job that is expected to see future growth, according to the Mathematical Association of America. An individual who is interested in combining statistics and mathematics and applying them to insurance and finance might be interested in a position in actuarial science, which also deals with economics. Operations research deals with utilizing math in order to figure out the best possible solution to a problem in addition to efficiently utilizing profits and costs. The field of biomathematics involves utilizing mathematical resources in order to create models for both biological and natural processes. Biomathematics is most often used in population genetics, epidemic modeling and cellular neurobiology.

An individual with a mathematics degree who also enjoys computer science may be interested in the field of cryptography and helping make ATM cards and computers more secure. A mathematician can also work in the field of finance, helping to make forecasts for the financial market and studying how individuals and businesses spend, save and make money.

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