How Can You Manage the Growth of an Orthopedic Clinic?


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A good way to manage the growth of an orthopedic clinic is to handle workspace, staffing and logistics problems effectively. These are the most common problems related to the growth of any business.

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Handling workspace problems in an orthopedic clinic involves using smart scheduling. This may include hiring additional assistants and expanding business hours to see patients before or after working hours. Another good way to handle workspace problems is to audit and streamline patient intake procedures to lessen backlog in the waiting room.

Handling staffing problems includes regularly conducting fresh interviews to find potential subordinate workers should a need for them arise. Adding a Jobs or Careers link to the company website gives job seekers a chance to submit their resumes for future review. It is equally important to know when fresh orthopedic specialists are in the job market. Networking with local orthopedic schools is a good way to stay informed on new potential recruits.

Lastly, handling logistics problems involves auditing record keeping procedures to make them as simple as possible. Each staff member needs to be assigned specific tasks and informed about what is expected of them. The office staff should be as good as the treatment staff for a successful orthopedic clinic. It may be necessary to outsource air-conditioning specialist, janitor, computer technician and other such nonmedical positions to keep overheads low as the practice grows.

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