How Can You Make Printable Paycheck Stubs?


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Two services that allow customers to make printable pay stubs are Check Stub Maker and eCheckStub.com. For both services, customers simply input relevant information to generate a pay stub.

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Check Stub Maker has a four-step process for creating pay stubs. The customer inputs the information to appear on the pay stub, such as her hourly pay rate, state of residency, method of payment and hours worked. Next, the customer previews the pay stub mathematically generated from a template, pays for the stub and then receives it by email to print.

The eCheckStub.com service works the same way as Check Stub Maker. The customer inputs information, including her payment method and state of residency. A pay stub is mathematically generated from this information, and the customer pays for the stub and receives it to print by email. The customer can also download the stub to a computer.

According to eCheckStub.com, independent contractors, companies and small businesses can benefit from using a pay stub service. Companies can use services such as eCheckStub.com as pay stub portals, and independent contractors can make traditional employee stubs for their income. Pay stubs can be created manually on a computer, but the process of figuring out tax amounts is time-consuming. A pay stub service does all the labor and produces stubs within minutes.

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