How Can You Make a Payment on Your IPFS Account?

IPFS payments can be made through the Internet. A user must be registered to access the online payment mode, according to Imperial PFS. Customers without an active account can register if they have a Web access code, but they can call customer care to obtain their code.

For new users, the process of making a payment begins with clicking on the new registration link. The website prompts for the Web access code. If the user is a holder of an IPFS account holder, but he does not have a code, he should click the link marked Click Here. If the user has multiple accounts, he can search them using a search bar at the top, and then click the Pay Now button, says Imperial PFS.

Payments can be made either using a credit card or automatic clearinghouse, or ACH. When the user selects a credit card, he is directed to the Western Union speed pay that completes the payment, notes Imperial PFS. The ACH button, unlike the credit card button, redirects the user to the online payment website to complete his payment. Customers must remember their bank routing number for a successful payment. In some cases, customers using the ACH method are charged a processing fee.