How Can You Make Your Own Credit Card Design?


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Banks and credit card companies let clients create their own credit card designs through online portals; Capital One and Bank of America’s stock images include Mini Cooper cars, insignias of charities, pets, patriotic images and landscape scenes, notes CreditCards.com. Customers can also upload their own images for display on a credit card.

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Credit card users can take advantage of Photoshop designs to customize their cards.Templates range from business patterns to those focused on flying or elements such as money, space or world geography, as catalogued by Designrshub.com.

In Wells Fargo’s Credit Card Design Studio, clients upload a custom or Photoshop image from a computer’s hard drive and then rotate, scale or flip the design. After finished, the institution reviews the design and confirms its acceptance within two business days. Cards arrive by mail seven days after approval, according to Carddesignstudio.com.

When uploading a custom image, files should be in JPEG or Bitmap format, have a maximum size of 4 G, and be at least 2100 x 1344 pixels. Larger images and images of high resolution generally work best for designs, as noted by Mecu.com. Some issuing agencies also allow for different images on the primary and secondary account user's cards.

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