How Can You Make an Online Payment on Your Sam's Club Credit Card?

In order to make a payment on a Sam's Club credit card online, go to the Sam's Club Credit website and either log in or register for an account, click the credit card icon and follow the links to make the payment. If more than one card is displayed, the "Look up your account" link can be selected to locate the card by the account number.

The Sam's Club website accepts payments for the Sam's Club credit card with Discover and MasterCard, but it does not accept Visa cards. The instructions below show how to make a payment via the Sam's Club website.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the Sam's Club Credit website.

  3. Select the account type
  4. At the Sam's Club Credit website, either a consumer credit account or business credit account must be selected to log in to. If the type of account is unknown, there is a "look up your account type" option located on the page.

  5. Log in
  6. Log in to the account type that matches the one according to the membership plan. The user ID is entered at the main screen, and then a personalized image is displayed before the password is requested. If the user ID has been forgotten, there is a link on the page to help look it up. If an account is not currently held, there is a "Register Here" link to start the process.

  7. Pay the bill
  8. On the account page, the Sam's Club credit card bill can be viewed and paid. Select the amount to pay and the payment method and click "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

  9. Use the other options on the site
  10. The website allows users to request an increase in line of credit, view recent activity, receive special offers and update account information.