How Can You Make Money From Home?

How Can You Make Money From Home?

Virtual assisting, nursing, writing and working for a call center are a few ways to make money from home. Options include working directly for an employer or self-employment. Working from home can be done on a fixed or self-determined schedule.

Virtual assistants work from home fulfilling administrative duties such as answering calls, arranging schedules and maintaining websites. They generally have more than one client, working for each one as needed. Most are self-employed, as are personal concierges. Concierge duties include personal shopping and other errands. A personal concierge is home-based but may have to leave home occasionally depending on the client.

Registered nurses can make money from home by providing triage either full-time or part-time. They are paid on an hourly and per-call basis for answering patient questions when a doctor is out of the office.

Writers and editors make money from home by writing for themselves on a blog or website, freelancing or telecommuting for a particular employer. Writers can make money hosting ads or affiliate links on their blogs; they earn a percentage of sales made after their readers click on links. Content providers work with freelance writers, who write articles to be provided to the company's clients. Some online job hubs let writers and editors set their own pay rates and essentially auction off their talents.

Many call center workers work from home, and some of these positions are full-time with benefits.