How Can You Make Money Hauling Away Junk for Free?

Make money from a business hauling away junk for free by cleaning and selling any salvageable items directly to local businesses or online through sites such as and Such businesses require the appropriate space to store items during the sale process and the means to dispose of any items unsuitable for resale.

One common revenue source for a free junk hauling business is by selling the items removed for other people. By offering your services for free, you increase your access to customers and potential inventory, as many people may be more likely to use a free service to haul away smaller items. When using this method, it is important to take the proper safety precautions with the items to avoid causing any unnecessary damage. After you obtain the junk, you should clean it off and sort out any viable inventory from items that are not in good enough condition to sell. Donate the items to a local charity or take them to a dump to clear out space.

Once you clean your new inventory, take pictures of it and create postings on online auction or classifieds sites. Post the items in the most relevant categories and include a thorough and accurate description that highlights the most salient features. Alternately, you may visit local small businesses to sell the items directly, particularly with new or unopened items.