Can You Make a Living Doing Magic Tricks?


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Whether or not someone is able to make a living performing magic depends on the magician's skill level, routine and the amount of money they need to sustain their lifestyle. Other factors include the locations in which they perform their magic shows and the rates charged for performances and appearances. Though the average performer will make much less, there are many well known magicians who have been able to translate their magic shows into lucrative career.

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Becoming a professional magician involves a great deal of practice both in performing the actual magic tricks, as well as the performance and style of the show, as they both factor into the amount of money the magician earns on a regular basis. For example, a street magician performing sleight of hand tricks and simple mind reading typically only makes tips, whereas a magician who performs at parties and private events is paid an appearance fee or an hourly rate.

The overall appearance of a magician's act also plays an important role in the type of bookings they receive. If a magician uses scantily clad assistants and sexual innuendo in their act, they are more likely to book more adult jobs, while a magician focusing on family-friendly visuals is more likely to perform at children's parties. Some magicians choose to incorporate comedy into the show and thus perform at comedy clubs or less serious events.

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