How Can You Make a Green Tree Mortgage Payment?

Borrowers can make mortgage payments through the Green Tree Servicing website, automatic payments set up via their bank's bill pay service, using Western Union or by mail. To send payments through, borrowers must first create an account. After, they can choose a one-time payment, which, as of 2015, carries a fee of $12, or set up monthly automatic payments, which are deducted free of charge.

Individual borrowers with Green Tree have the option to set up MyAccount services to use AutoPay. This allows for speedy online payment to Green Tree via monthly mortgage payment withdrawals from a checking or savings account.

With automatic payments, customers can pay biweekly or monthly; paying biweekly saves them money in the long run because they make the equivalent of 13 yearly payments versus 12, explains Green Tree. Automatic payments are popular because customers avoid late fees and do not need to write checks, prepare envelopes and send physical payments. They can set and adjust payment dates themselves as needed to fit with any financial changes in their lives.

Some borrowers opt to use their banks' bill pay service. This is usually a free service that allows for mortgage payment transfers from a borrower's checking or savings account. Green Tree also accepts payments from Western Union, which allows for instant transfers from any Western Union agent. Western Union charges a fee for the service.

Borrowers with Green Tree may also mail their payments via a check or money order to Green Tree's Palatine, Illinois, address located on its website. Green Tree advises borrowers mailing their payments to include the payment coupon found at the bottom of their monthly statements to ensure proper crediting of their accounts. Inversely, the account number can be written on the check or money order if the coupon is not available.