How Can You Make an Employee Time Sheet PDF File?

How Can You Make an Employee Time Sheet PDF File?

To make an employee time sheet PDF file, open Microsoft Excel, choose a time period, enter labels for employee information, work days and times and arrange the information into columns. Click "Save As" under the File menu and set the document type to PDF, as described on the Microsoft Office support website.

Run through the following steps to create a PDF time sheet in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Excel is a handy program for creating table-style documents. Open up the program and create a new spreadsheet.

  3. Choose a time period
  4. Select a time period for the sheet. Time periods can include days, weeks or months. Users can label time periods by using a start date or a date range, as reported by the Tech Republic.

  5. Enter employee information
  6. At the top of the sheet, enter employee information such as the employee name, the department and the name of the manager or supervisor.

  7. Enter date and time columns
  8. Add columns for information such as the date, day of the week, time in and time out and total number of hours. Users may also want to include information such as overtime, sick days and vacation pay.

  9. Save the document as a PDF
  10. To save the document as a PDF file, choose the "Save As" option, enter a file name, and choose the PDF file type from the scroll-down menu.

Users can also create time sheet PDF files in Microsoft Word by adding a table to the document. To add a table to a Word document, select "Insert Table." Select the number of rows and cells to add to the table and complete the table using the same process described above for an Excel time sheet. Save the document as a PDF file.