How Can You Make Employee Check Stubs?

How Can You Make Employee Check Stubs?

To make employee pay check stubs, download a pay check stub template and enter the relevant information. Employers should issue pay check stubs, more commonly known as pay stubs, within one day of the pay day.

Free pay stub templates are available for download with some even able to do all the necessary calculations. Alternatively, use a computer spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office to create a personalized pay stub. Excel works particularly well for this purpose.

Enter the employee’s full name and partial or full social security number on the first line of the pay stub, preferably on the top left-hand side. Enter the date the pay check is written and pay period across this information.

Enter the rate of pay under the employee’s name including the current overtime rate. Enter the amount of regular and overtime hours worked on the line below the rate of pay.

Enter deductions such as state taxes, federal taxes, health insurance, disability and Social Security on the next line. List all year-to-date information at the end of the pay stub to complete it. Print the pay stub, and send it to the employee, or include it to his pay check.

Pay subs are essential in filling out college financial aid forms, refinancing houses and applying for loans. Employees may also use them to keep track of hours worked, amount of taxes and year-to-date payment information.