How Can You Make an AUM Bill Payment?

How Can You Make an AUM Bill Payment?

Customers can make an American Utility Management (AUM) bill payment online via the Resident Portal or by auto-pay direct debit process. Payments via credit cards, checks or money orders are also accepted, as stated on the AUM website. Online payments require registering on the AUM website while direct debit process involves automatic deductions from the customer's bank account.

Residents of properties that are partnered with AUM for utility management assistance can access various services from the website once registered. These services include the following:

  • Easier management of account online
  • Making online payments
  • Downloading current and past statements
  • Applying for the direct debit bill pay
  • Viewing payment history and balance
  • Opting-in to receive E-statements
  • Submitting inquiries to AUM customer service

To register for the AUM site, enter the account number located at the top of the statement. Enter the statement number also at the top of the statement. Enter and confirm a password for access to My AUM that must be at least six characters long. Enter the email address for communication on account activity. Select Yes to receive statements electronically. Confirm to have read and agree to the Terms of Use and then register.

AUM accepts both MasterCard and Visa, as reported by Prism Money. Electric, gas, water, sewer and trash utility expenses represent some of the largest cost variables for rental properties. Multifamily property owners and managers rely on AUM resident services to improve their net operating income (NOI) through efficient rental costs recovery.