How Can You Make Advertising Fliers?


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Make an advertising flier by utilizing the design tools of word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or graphic editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which support the insertion or creation of graphics as well as custom text. Another option is to use an online flier creation tool from a retail printing site such as VistaPrint.com or Staples.com, as of 2015.

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Microsoft Word allows you to create a custom advertising flier by add images and shapes through the Insert menu, with limited options to adjust the size, position and orientation of items. You can also add text boxes to type on the flier and modify the font style and size. The program also supports the use of flier templates, which may be available as part of the default options and include presets for images, graphics and text.

Adobe Photoshop contains more advanced tools that allow you make custom shapes or freely draw directly onto the document. It also allows you to add images by dragging them directly onto the flier document, resizing and erasing components as necessary. The program has a text tool as well that supports different fonts, with options to add special effects to the text such as drop shadows.

Both VistaPrint.com and Staples.com offer tools to make fliers using one of several templates that include graphics and text in common configuration. You can also upload you own images into the fliers and then purchase prints through the retailer directly.

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