How Can I Make $1,000 Fast?


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According to an article by US News and World Report, one way to make money quickly is to recycle items that you have around your house. Tires, printing cartridges, aluminum cans and old metal piping are all recyclable; take them to a recycling center to earn some fast cash. Old computer electronics can also be recycled for money. Some brands are worth more than others because they contain precious metals.

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How Can I Make $1,000 Fast?
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Redbook Magazine suggests having a yard sale when you need to make some extra cash. It mentions one woman who often earns more than $500 when she has a yard sale. You can sell anything that you no longer use, from children's clothing to used electronics. Redbook suggests advertising ahead of time online and in local papers to attract plenty of business to your yard sale.

A good strategy for earning $1,000 quickly is to combine the methods described above with other income-generating activities. One single activity may not raise $1,000, but if you do a few of these activities, the dollars add up. Other quick ways to earn money, as advised by US News and World Report, are donating blood plasma and selling your gift cards for cash. One plasma donation can pay up to $40, and the gift cards sitting in your drawer can generally be sold for about 90 percent of their value on sites such as CardCash.com.

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