Where Can You Find Mailing Addresses for the IRS?

Where Can You Find Mailing Addresses for the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service's official website, IRS.gov, publishes a directory of addresses for taxpayers and tax professionals sending paper returns. The address used depends on the sender?s location and whether the return includes a payment.

To access the address directory, visitors to the site click on Help & Resources from the top tab on the home page, and then scroll to the Contact Us box on the bottom left-hand side of the page. The visitor then clicks on the Where To Mail Your Paper Tax Return, and then on Taxpayers and Tax Professionals ? Where to File Individual Tax Returns, to pull up an interactive state map. Clicking on the desired state from the map pulls up a list of IRS Service Center addresses.

A local IRS office is a center for mailing and service located centrally to a given zone. These offices exist to handle the specific requests, complaints and inquiries of taxpayers in their areas and are staffed by professionals who know local tax codes and other pertinent information, as noted by the IRS. Addresses are listed on the contact site.

The Where to File page on the IRS site provides a table of information for those wishing to file their taxes manually without using the Internet. It lists a series of addresses where taxpayers can send their paperwork or submit queries regarding the filing process.

The site also contains a huge number of additional resources such as addresses for taxpayer advocates in service to certain regions, addresses for international contact and more for health coverage questions. These site options provide many different addresses where taxpayers can look for answers to their questions.