How Can I Mail Brochures From Home?

How Can I Mail Brochures From Home?

Mail brochures from home by accessing a direct mail service through the United States Postal Service website, creating or uploading a brochure, creating a mailing list and sending the brochures. Though the direct mail service providers are private companies, the mail is sent through the USPS.

  1. Choose a direct mail service

    To find direct mail service options, go to the USPS website. On the menu at the top, hover the mouse arrow over Send Mail to release the drop-down menu, then click on Create Mail And Postage. Scroll down to peruse direct mail vendors such as Printing for Less, Every Door Direct Mail, Click 2 Mail and Grow Mail. Click on Get Started below the company logos for more information on available services and prices.

  2. Upload or create a brochure

    Once you select a service provider, if you have the digital file of a ready-made brochure, upload it to the provider. Otherwise, use the brochure templates to create a brochure. Choose the size, type of paper, colors, format and fonts. Fill in the content of your brochure, emphasizing cover message, factual information, striking images, brand awareness and a call to action, or what you want the recipient to do.

  3. Upload or create a mailing list

    Upload your prepared mailing list, or buy a mailing list prepared by the direct mail service based on the location, demographics, interests, attitudes and buying habits of potential customers. Once the list is compiled, optional variable data printing allows the service to print the name of each recipient on the brochures.

  4. Send the brochures

    When the brochures and mailing list are complete, pay for the service online, and the direct mail provider handles sending out the brochures.