What Can You Do If LVNV Funding LLC Sends a Letter to Appear in Court?


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Responding to a letter asking for a court appearance should be read carefully with an attorney, as stated by the Digital Media Law Project. The letter may be a subpoena requiring an appearance by law or may simply be a request. The letter should be reviewed for authenticity.

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Official requests to appear in court come in a variety of different forms, as Digital Media Law Project reports. An attorney can determine if the letter is a subpoena, a letter legally-obligating the recipient to appear in court, or simply a notification from the attorney at LVNV Funding LLC of an upcoming civil court date and an opportunity to appear in self-defense. Occasionally courts will waive the requirement to appear at the letter recipient's request. If the recipient is not one of the parties in the case then travel would likely be compensated.

An objection to the request to appear should be filed with the court. Good reasons to object include travel hardship, disagreement with the premise behind the requirement to appear, and a desire to maintain personal privacy of confidential information. An attorney can help with deciding how to object and provide a course of action that legally complies with all court injunctions, as recommended by the Digital Media Law Project.

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