How Can You Get Low Income Homes for Rent?

How Can You Get Low Income Homes for Rent?

Government subsidized housing for low-income people can be obtained through privately owned subsidized housing, public housing and Section 8 housing, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Individuals can find information on these programs at HUD's website, in addition to links to state low-income rental programs.

Qualified individuals apply for privately owned subsidized housing directly from the owner or management of the property, explains HUD. HUD offers a search link on its website for qualified individuals to search for listings of this type in their area. HUD provides the subsidies directly to the property owner.

Public housing is available for low-income families, elderly people and disabled people, notes HUD. Applications for public housing are submitted through local public housing agencies. HUD provides a link to public housing agencies on its website.

The housing choice voucher program, also known as Section 8, allows qualified low-income families and individuals to use a voucher to find their own housing, explains HUD. The vouchers provide partial or full reimbursement for rent. Like public housing, Section 8 applications are submitted through local public housing agencies, and HUD provides links to the agencies on its website.

HUD also provides links to housing counseling services, according to its website.