Where Can You Look up an Item's UPC?

Users can can lookup an item's universal product code, or UPC, using the official website for the UPC database. According to their website, enter all of the digits printed on the UPC barcode into the box and click "Look up UPC." From here, users can find the information about the UPC in question.

A UPC is comprised of two parts: UPC company prefix and the item reference number. The company prefix is between 6 to 10 numbers long and indicates the manufacturer on all products. The item reference number is a unique number assigned to each individual item, allowing the user to identify it against another item from the same manufacturer. Users can find the UPC on the bottom of a barcode of a product that is listed for retail sale.

Although a universal product code is not needed for tracking inventory or for selling merchandise directly to a customer, it is necessary when selling through a retailer or distributor. From there, purchase a UPC number through GS1 US, for a fee that varies depending on the amount of products that need a UPC. Once obtained, the user will also be issued a certificate that shows the authenticity of the number. GS1 US is the only company that provides globally authentic UPC numbers.