How Can You Look up a Court Date?


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How a court date can be looked up varies by the court system a person is involved with. However, the majority of court dates can be found by searching the court's database. For example, the Washington Court system offers the ability to search using the Find My Court Date tool.

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To find a court date in Washington using the Find My Court Date tool, individuals first have to select the court database to be searched. They are then asked for the first and last name of the person who they are searching for. The results should show any court date that is scheduled for that individual.

The process is similar for other court systems. The Find Your Court Date tool available through the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda website allows users to search for court dates within the next five days. Users can also search for names that are similar sounding to the name entered, which can be beneficial if someone does not know the exact spelling of a name.

In Cook County, Illinois users can search the entire court docket to find a court date. The site also offers the option to search specific types of cases, including probate, traffic tickets and county cases. Individuals who do not have access to the Internet may also be able to obtain court date information by calling the court directly.

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