Where Can You Locate Personal Employment History?

A personal employment history can be obtained by requesting a social security earnings information form, keeping track of employment and contacting previous employers. Many companies use employment history reports to gauge future employee performance.

A good way to track personal employment history is to contact the Social Security Administration and request an earnings information form. The information includes employer addresses and names, employment dates and earnings. This is a paid service and the fee depends on how detailed the employment history is and how far back the desired records go.

Keeping an up-to-date resume is a simple method of keeping track of personal employment history. It is important to add new information immediately after receiving a promotion, to record a significant accomplishment, and add new responsibilities or rewards received.

Lastly, contact former employers through their human resource departments and ask for the information needed to reconstruct an employment history. Clarify start and end dates of employment and any other crucial information required for an accurate employment history.

Some companies use third-party services to manage employment verification of prior and current employees, usually for a fee. Many employers only verify basic information about past employees, such as dates of employment. Most require the job applicant to sign a release before divulging detailed employment history information to potential employers.