How Can You Locate Nearby FedEx Dropoff Centers?


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Locate nearby FedEx dropoff centers using the Locations search tool on the FedEx website. Any locational reference point, such as a city, ZIP code or point of interest, can be used to yield a list of nearby dropoff centers.

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How Can You Locate Nearby FedEx Dropoff Centers?
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First, load FedEx.com/US in a Web browser. Locate the Locations link in the top-right area of the home page, as of 2015, and click on it to access the Find FedEx Locations page. On the Find FedEx Locations page, enter a location into the search query field that says "Find locations near...," and click on the magnifying glass to bring up results. To narrow the search results to only staffed locations or only drop boxes, click the filter button to the right of the search field, and select filters accordingly.

The results appear in order of proximity to the location entered in the search. Browse through the list of results, and observe the addresses and estimated distances to determine which FedEx location is most suitable. The right column of the page contains a map showing the results and can also aid in determining which dropoff locations are nearby.

It is also possible to find nearby FedEx dropoff locations using the free FedEx smart phone application, available for both iOS and Android devices, or by calling FedEx's customer support number, available on the company's website.

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